Dec. 6, 2014— “Inaugural Show” Soul singer LC Cooke talks about his new reissue, “LC Cooke: The Complete SAR Records Recordings”, and his brother, the legendary Sam Cooke.

Don Luttrell of Luttrell Auction and Live Music in Springfield, Missouri checks in from the “last barn dance in America”. Finally, singer/songwriter and former “Weeds” fixture Sergio Mayora is in studio to talk nightlife and play some original material.

December 6th, 2014

Dec. 13, 2014—Dave visits with Jay Sielman, head of The Blues Foundation in Memphis, Tennessee.  They wonder why Chicago  hasn’t preserved its blues legacy as well as other music cities. We head out on the “Nocturnal Journey” as Dave checks in with Jackie Gennett in Beloit, Wisconsin, who shares her experience moving from Chicago to start a certified organic farm up north.

Finally, Chester Madej, son of Busy Bee Diner owner Sophie Madej joins artist, raconteur, and Chicago fixture Tony Fitzpatrick in studio.  They reminisce about the old Busy Bee and other favorite places to grab a bite.  Tony reads a poem by Wallace Stevens that has inspired some of his latest work.

December 13th, 2014

Dec. 20, 2014—Robbie Fulks (two live songs), Billy Anderson, Wisconsin Dells supper club piano player; Christmas crate digger John Soss and “Thrift Score” curator Joe Bryl.

December 20th, 2014

Jan. 3, 2015—Jon Langford and Nan Warshaw talk about the 20th Anniversary of Bloodshot Records, and Jon plays a couple of acoustic numbers. Nick Russo shares stories of Jilly’s Piano Bar in Chicago and the night Ozzy Osbourne came in; Jon hangs around to jam with Nick—–Also a tribute to Mr. Imagination and live from Las Vegas, guitarist Bruce Rickerd reflects on performing in 9,958 consecutive shows over 21 years.

January 3rd, 2015

Jan. 10, 2015—Dave Hoekstra welcomes songwriter and music collector Chris Ligon to the show to share and discuss some strange and obscure songs from the world of supper clubs and bowling alleys.

January 10th, 2015

Jan. 18, 2015—Dave Hoekstra sits down with prolific Chicago house DJs Derrick Carter and Darlene “DJ Lady D” Jackson to discuss the history of house music in Chicago and its place in the local music scene.  They are joined by Marea Stamper of Smart Bar to talk about an upcoming tribune to “the godfather” of house music Frankie Knuckles, who would have turned 60 this weekend.

January 18th, 2015

Feb. 07, 2015—This week’s Nocturnal Journal features legendary R&B singer Otis Clay, who shares some stories from his long career, including tales from the old Burning Spear on Chicago’s West Side, and his encounters with other prolific musicians and producers.  Clay also provides some live music , complete with his 8-piece band in tow.

February 7th, 2015

Feb. 21, 2015—Author and former basketball coach Charley Rosen who talks about his latest book, “Perfectly Awful: The Philadelphia 76’ers Horrendous and Hilarious 1972-73 Season”.  He also touches on his time as a coach in the Continental Basketball Association, his friendship with Phil Jackson, and collecting Grateful Dead bootlegs.

February 21st, 2015

Aug. 22, 2015—Our friend Jimmy Buffett was so gracious with his time he was later for his dinner reservations in Chicago. A deep, historical conversation filled with adventure and magic.



 Aug. 29, 2015—An in-depth look back at two historic Midwest supper clubs and restaurants: The London House in Chicago and Nye’s Polonaise in Minneapolis. The show begins with our eternal love of baseball.



 Sept. 19, 2015—Of all our “Nocturnal Journey” travel segments, this may be the most popular. I never get tired of hearing about how Springfield, Mo. became ground zero for Cashew Chicken in America. Tastes pretty good too!



 Nov. 7, 2015—Bassist Will Lee on David Letterman, The Beatles and his work at Pickwick Records!



 Jan. 23, 2016 — interview with author Peter Guralnick on Sun Records meteor Sam Phillips.

What we liked about this show is how business and spiritual lessons can be learned through Sam’s muse. Music was just the centerpiece of his mystical orbit.


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