Our parents told us not to get rid of the dining room mirror.

The mirror with rosewood trim stands on three legs and is 6’5” tall. It has always been bigger than me.
While growing up in Naperville, the mirror was in the corner of our  formal dining room. The mirror was the quiet guest at Thanksgiving  dinners. For my Mom the mirror was a peek into her past when it stood  in the corner of her parent’s dining room in downstate Taylorville.

The January move into my mid-century dream house has been challenging.

Who knew about all the complicated red light signs in Westchester,  Il.?  “Right turn on red must yield to U-turn?” Sounds like some kind of Stormy Daniels manuever. Joe is my 86-year-old Italian neighbor and he’s been bringing  me his left over lasagna and spaghetti from dinner. Now Joe is moving to Florida to go fishing. I’m going to miss my suburban BFF.

And I can safely say I’m done acquiring stuff. Boxes and boxes of  books, records, magazines and CDs are dusty tokens of a lifetime in  journalism. Does anyone want a refurbished tiki bar? After our  parents died in the spring of 2015, the mirror went into storage.

There was no room for the mirror in my Chicago condo filled with  books, records, unread magazines, CDs and tiki bar.

Liberating the mirror from storage is one of the best things about my  move into the mid-century dream house where I can no longer afford  cool mid-century artifacts. My first set of movers took great care in transporting the mirror. They estimated the artifact was more than 100 years old. And the fact my parents once owned this 1952 brick  ranch puts the mirror back in some kind of proper place.

I’ve never been a big fan of mirrors. Neighbor Joe once invited me in  his house. He has way more mirrors than me. I  startled myself just by walking through the front door.

Neighborly offerings.

Neighborly offerings.

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3 Responses to Man in the Mirror

  1. Paul says:

    Once Spring hits and everything starts to bloom you’ll love it.

  2. Ellyn Harris says:

    Reads like I feel sometime too Dave❤

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